Uncovering CD137 Agonist’s Role in Cancer Immunoprotection via Interactive Multiomics Data Analytics and Visualization Portal

Anti-CD137 monoclonal antibody has been developed to improve anti-cancer immunity in several cancer models and are in clinical trials. SA-4-1BBL, a novel CD137 receptor agonist, has shown cancer immunoprevention in several tumor models as a single agent, yet an agonistic CD137 Ab (3H3) was ineffective in generating cancer prevention. The prevention mechanism by which SA-4-1BBL by which the innate immune system involve in the protection remains unknown. For understanding the mechanisms of action mouse models were treated with SA-4-1BBL and 3H3, samples were collected for performing single and bulk RNA-sequencing as well as flow Cytometry to get the cell counts. Having a significant quantity of data for analysis, coupled with the intricate nature of the dataset, presents a challenge when utilizing conventional static analysis tools. A portal is being created for the automated analysis and interactive visualization of multiomics data. The dynamic and interactive nature of the tools enables quicker comprehension of multiple comparisons and identification of hidden patterns.