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Regulation of gene expression by DNA methylation with cytotoxic T lymphocytes evaluation in consensus molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer

Background: Low cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTLs) infiltration in colorectal cancer (CRC) tumors is a challenge to treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Consensus molecular subtypes (CMS) classify patients based on tumor attributes, and CMS1 patients include the majority of patients with high CTL infiltration and “inflamed” tumors. Epigenetic modification plays a critical role in gene expression

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Leveraging Unsupervised Machine Learning To Find Trends In The Textual Warnings Generated Using Multi-Modality Time Series Sensor Data

With technology and the internet of things (IoT), smart health care is no longer a dream. The devices that wouldn’t usually be generally expected to have an internet connection can communicate with the network independent of human action, and this is referred to as the internet of things. These devices, in our case, are the

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Neural information extraction in biomedical domain: issues and challenges

Much medical data today remain inaccessible thus limiting their impact on patient care. Images and illustrations, scientific articles, and free-text reports do not allow for easy extraction and re-use of the knowledge they contain. They lack the structure and metadata necessary for automated processing and annotation. The resources required to collect and annotate manually are

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