Exploratory analysis of the use of Telemedicine in Primary care

This research is primarily focused on use of Telemedicine in Primary care and how that usage changed over time especially COVID 19. In this research, we did a scoping review to see how Primary care adapted Telemedicine during COVID-19 and what are some of the successes or challenges with the adaptation. In this research, we also did utilization review of Telemedicine in Primary care and Specialty care. We also compared how the utilization differs before and after COVID-19. Results indicate that though telemedicine was in use before COVID-19, it was primarily in Specialty care. Primary Care was a rare user. However, after COVID-19, Utilization in Primary care increased multi fold. Access to care is increased. Various challenges were encountered during its implementation which includes technological challenges, access to electronic equipment, digital divide. We are still working on completing the analysis. Our next step forward is calculating the number of miles saved by the patients using Telemedicine visits.