Developing a Web-Based Interface to Manage Sensor Technologies in the Homes of Older Adults 

Internet of Things sensors capture daily activities and physiological data that can improve care for older adults.  Sensors have the potential to enable health coaching for self-management and care coordination by connecting individuals to care providers and informal caregivers. However, remote management of diverse sensor technologies and integration of disparate data for decision-making are major barriers to this goal. Our aim is to support community-based intervention research through the design of a web-based interface management system for smart home and wearable technologies in the haomes of older adults. 
The Age-Friendly Sustainable Smart and Equitable Technologies (ASSETs) dashboard relies on low-cost Raspberry Pi computers and open-source home automation software to collect and securely transfer data to a non-profit hosting service provider (Hekademeia Research Solutions). This dashboard was initiated in collaboration between the Precision Smart Technologies and Applications for Rapid Translation (Precision START) lab and the ASSETs intervention research team at the University of Missouri. The first iteration of the ASSETs dashboard was deployed as a proof-of-concept in the Precision START lab test network with three test homes.
To improve usability of the dashboard, the Precision START visual design team used scenario-based design to define goals and activities for a research administrator and to develop low-fidelity prototype interfaces. The ASSETs intervention research team and larger Precision START lab group provided feedback to improve the conceptual model and interface designs. The second iteration of the ASSETs dashboard is currently being implemented and tested in an expanded Precision START test network in preparation for use in two recently funded sensor-enhanced care coordination interventions. Next steps are to design care coordination and consumer-facing features through engagements with nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, older adults, and informal caregivers. The long-term goal is to make a version of the ASSETs dashboard freely available to researchers.

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