Data Science & Analytics Master’s Degree

The DSA is designed with an in-depth, technically-rigorous core curriculum followed by domain-specialized emphasis area courses.

Advanced Big Data and Analytics tools and techniques are used throughout the program coursework. Courses are delivered online or on campus. Additionally, online students spend one week each spring on campus with faculty during an executive session.

“The goals of each student vary as widely as their backgrounds and experience. They are professionals that all see the value of data driven analysis and will each use these new skills to complement their areas of expertise.”

David Herzog

Data Journalism Faculty and Program Mentor

Master’s in Data Science and Analytics

The Master’s of Data Science and Analytics equips Data Scientists with the tools and skills to take on tomorrow’s challenges. 

The program is designed for professionals that want to use data to enhance decision making and outcomes.

Core Courses Include:

  • DATA SCI 7010: Introduction to Data Analytics
  • DATA SCI 7020: Statistical and Mathematical Foundations for Data Analytics
  • DATA SCI 8010 Data Analytics from Applied Machine Learning
  • DATA SCI 8020: Big Data Security
  • DATA SCI 7040: Big Data Visualization
  • DATA SCI 8000: Data and Information Ethics
  • DATA SCI 8080: Big Data Analysis Case Study
  • DATA SCI 8090: Big Data Capstone

On-Campus MS students will complete the 16-week Fall group 8080 Case Study and 16-week group 8090 Capstone OR a Fall and Spring DATA SCI 8095 Thesis Research course for a total of 6 credits.

Online MS students will complete the 8-week Summer group 8080 Case Study and 16-week Spring group 8090 Capstone.

Emphasis Courses and Capstone

Emphasis courses represent the final stage in the further refinement of learning with domain-specific data and challenges. Interdisciplinary faculty from other MU colleges and schools help lead domain-specific learning through emphasis area courses.

The capstone project teams up students with faculty & members of industry for hands-on experience with large data sets and the latest technology and techniques.

The thesis research class is for on-campus students only and gives an opportunity to work on an independent research topic under a faculty advisor approved by the department.

Program Requirements

Students will work closely with faculty mentors, gain experience through solving real-word Big Data issues, explore concepts targeted to their emphasis area, and more.

Required Credits (34 Hours)

  • 19 Credit Hours of Data Science Core Curriculum
  • 9 Credit Hours of Emphasis Area courses
  • 3 Credit Hour Case Study
  • 3 Credit Hour Capstone (OR Thesis Research for on-campus students for 6 credits instead of Case Study & Capstone)

Specializing in Data Science Sets You Apart

The University of Missouri’s Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics ​degree is a 34-credit, online and mixed-mode delivery, multidisciplinary program. We welcome students with different academic backgrounds to become productive data scientists in Missouri and regionally connected industries. Our program reflects the evolving fields of data science by providing unique curriculum emphases in several different disciplines.

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