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MUII Dissertation Defense- Rhonda Archie

Information Technology (IT) Interconnectivity in a Rural Health Setting: A Conceptual Model   Current and past developments in Health (HIT) systems in rural settings have focused on the use of electronic health records by health professionals. These systems were conducted in standalone mode, or coupled with the integration of HIT systems of two or more

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MUII Defense Announcement – Andrew Hutson

Background: The percentage of patients with polypharmacy needs is increasing among a growing patient population. As a result, the amount of time health care professionals require to make clinical decisions based on current and past medications is increasing. Health care professionals need methods for increasing the speed of clinical decision making without sacrificing the quality

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MUII Defense Announcement – Ginger Han

Biomedical image data have been growing quickly in volume, speed, and complexity, and there is an increasing reliance on the analysis of these data. Biomedical scientists are in need of efficient and accurate analyses of large-scale imaging data, as well as innovative retrieval methods for visually similar imagery across a large-scale data collection to assist

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