Mining for epigenetic patterns across species

Exponential growth of next-generation sequencing technologies has made the epigenomics analysis a big data science, which poses the challenges to its translation into knowledge. This has led to the emergence of a new field called “Comparative Epigenomics.” Comparative epigenomics has three major directions, namely comparison across species, across time-course of a biological process, and across individuals. In this study we focus on comparing the epi-modifications across species (particularly between Human and Mouse). We compared different epi-genomic factors and where/how they concur or differ among species. We have used histone modification data from various publicly available data sets in Human and Mouse. We were able to identify epi-modification co-appearance within species and across species. We identified that regions of epigenomic conservation correlated well with evolutionary patterns of sequences. We have also looked at how selective pressure on protein coding genes varies with respect to various histone modifications.