Large-scale biomedical image analysis using Big Data Infrastructure

Biomedical imaging informatics involves the analysis, manipulation, and computational calculation of digitally acquired biomedical images to gain knowledge and insights. Informatics technologies are being developed to assist biomedical researchers to identify meaningful objects from raw images, extract content, process information, discover relationships, and share knowledge. However, as the ‘Big Data’ era arrives, the ever-exploding image quantity, resolution, and imaging modalities are challenging the already computationally intensive methods. Big Data Ecosystem is expected to accelerate the computing speed and therefore leaves more room to improve the efficiency and accuracy of image analysis, storage, retrieval and sharing. Last but not least, researchers are looking for useful informatics tools to not only help them analyze images but also conduct advanced research and education for the whole research community. I am developing a framework based upon the Big Data ecosystem for the analysis of biomedical images with the applications in digital pathology and palynology. Progress and challenges will be presented in this seminar.