eCaregiving 2.0: Feasibility, Data Quality and Cost of Collecting Continuous Self-reported and Passive Data Using a Personal Health Management System

This project aims to demonstrate if self-reported and passive data can be continuously collected from a cohort of 55 study participants using Personal Health Management Information System (PHMS).  We estimated measures of data quality, feasibility and cost of data collection after asking participants to wear Fitbit and download the app to manage data transmission from passive (daily) and active data collection through a monthly survey. In this six-month cohort study, we expected to capture 100% of survey-based self-reported data and 100% of passive data parameters totaling 9,848 days of measurement. With minimal instruction to participants, we captured 66% number of days of steps, 44% of days for sleep, and 100% of days for calories, and the survey attrition rate ranged from 0% in the first month to 27% by last month of the follow-up. The cost of implementing the study amounted to $35 per participants per month. Study results can be used to better plan for improvement in similar studies in the future, including data quality and participants engagement.