Yen On Chan

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Chan is a Bioinformatics PhD student at the University of Missouri, working under the guidance of Dr. Trupti Joshi. Throughout his academic journey, Chan has acquired expertise in various programming languages and Bioinformatics tools, enabling him to develop tools and pipelines for data analysis. His contributions include the design and development of the Allele Catalog Tool and Genomic Variations Explorer. The Allele Catalog Tool focuses on visualizations of alleles in genes and phenotype data for uncovering potential causative mutations in organisms, and the Genomic Variation Explorer provides capabilities to annotates promoters and copy number variations in multiple organisms. Chan’s expertise also extends to building data pipelines such as variant calling pipeline and Allele Catalog pipeline. Furthermore, Chan actively contributes to projects involving single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis, specifically focusing on the development of novel cell type annotation methods.