Polycarp Nalela

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I have a Bachelors degree in Science Technology, Masters degree in Biotechnology, and currently pursing a PhD in Informatics. I have worked with data especially analytics for over 10 years. Initially, I started with R analyzing data from breeding trials such as genotype by environment (G&E); genome wide association studies (GWAS); and population genomics. As I advanced my analysis of big and complex data and taking advanced courses in statistics, genomics, databases, machine learning, data mining, and cloud computing, I found myself learning other programing languages (Python, SQL, Bash, C++, and JS) that I now apply in routine workflows. I experience as a lab member at the scalable data science (SDS) lab here at MU has particularly given me exposure and invoked new insights into the knowledge and applicability of machine learning and artificial intelligence in various realm especially in genomics and bioinformatics.