Piyusha Modhave

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Piyusha is a master’s candidate in Data Science & Analytics with a focus on Journalism & Strategic Communication, she possesses a strong background in strategic business management and a keen interest in analytics sparked during her tenure in wealth management. Her professional expertise spans wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, brand strategy, strategic management, and communications.

Her experience in finance and strategy, acquired over three years in pivotal roles, includes leading comprehensive financial analytics and strategic planning initiatives that significantly boosted product visibility and profitability. She has a proven track record of managing assets for high-net-worth individuals and offering strategic investment advice, demonstrating her adeptness in financial management.

Her transition into analytics was driven by a growing fascination with data’s power to influence strategic decisions. She is now committed to leveraging her diverse background in finance, strategy, and management to uncover insights through data analytics, aiming to innovate and improve decision-making processes in her current studies and future endeavors.