Peter Dahu

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Mr. Dahu is an enthusiastic, analytical researcher and health informatician working in the area of healthcare management, biomedical and health informatics. Mr. Dahu is currently a researcher and member of the research team in the data-intensive computing systems and health informatics laboratory at the University of Missouri, USA. Mr. Dahu earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with distinction from DePaul University in Chicago, United States with a dual concentration in health-sector management and finance. He also earned a Master of Science (MS) in health and bioinformatics from University of Missouri in the United States. He is currently in his last year of finishing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in health and biomedical informatics from the same university. Furthermore, Mr. Dahu has a high diploma in data science from the University of Missouri, USA.

Mr. Dahu has published more than 5 research articles from 2022-2023 in several reputable and highly impacted journals in the field of biomedical and health informatics. Mr. Dahu’s accomplishments include establishing discipline work productivity while simultaneously pursuing multiple research studies; education and work experiences in multiple nations, and excellent communication skills in three languages (English, Arabic & French). His strengths include a winning personality demonstrated by the close working relationships and trust with his co-workers and colleagues; high quality work productivity and diligence; outstanding organizational and time management skills; outstanding computer, analytic and programming skills, and an open mindedness when facing challenges and new problems including technical; methodological, process and new collaborators or project teams.