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Mirna Becevic, PhD

Assistant Professor

Office: 2800 Maguire Blvd

Phone: 884-5737


Lab URL:

Home Department: Dermatology

Concentration: Health Informatics

Education: University of Missouri


Dr. Becevic’s research is focused on telemedicine and telehealth and the role of virtual care in improving key patient outcomes. In particular, her research focuses on using telehealth technologies to improve access to care for rural and underserved patients. This includes early screening, timely diagnosis, appropriate use of the healthcare system and distance continuing medical education.

Dr. Becevic is the lead project evaluator for the Show-Me ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) project. This virtual, interdisciplinary collaborative network provides a peer and case-based learning platform for primary care providers to gain knowledge in several different specialties and subspecialties (dermatology, asthma, autism, child psychiatry, etc.).

Dr. Becevic’s current research is funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health. She is focused on an implementation study for melanoma tele-didactics and telementoring for primary care providers and aims to understand the facilitators and barriers of melanoma skin screenings for high-risk patients in primary care settings.