Md Kamruz Zaman Rana

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Md Kamruz Zaman Rana, a Biomedical Informatics Software Engineer at the University of Missouri, is concurrently advancing his studies with a doctoral degree in Health Informatics at the MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics. Prior to his current role, Rana accrued significant experience as a graduate research assistant over a period of 3.5 years. Additionally, he holds a Master of Science in Medical Informatics and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.

Rana boasts an impressive professional background, with 3 years in web and mobile application development, later progressing to become the lead Android developer at Rankmylist Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary of Rankmylist Incorporate. Throughout his tenure, he demonstrated a strong ability to lead an enthusiastic team of young professionals, earning him four promotions in recognition of his unwavering dedication, performance excellence, and leadership acumen. His prowess also caught the attention of Upwork, a well-known outsourcing platform, earning him the title of a “Rising Star”. Rana has developed or revamped seven distinct applications for a global client base spanning from the US, UK, Brazil, to Thailand.

Rana’s research primarily concentrates on explainable AI and feature engineering within the Biomedical Informatics domain. His distinctive fusion of skill sets, rich experience, and leadership capabilities fuels his commitment to harness technology for transformative impacts in the healthcare sector.