Hua Qin

email Email | phone 573-882-1640

Department: Applied Social Sciences

Concentration: Health Informatics, Geoinformatics

I am an environmental and resource sociologist with emphasis on human population dynamics and sustainable development. I have a diverse academic background in sociology, demography, geography, human ecology, environmental science, as well as mixed and spatial methodological research. My interdisciplinary training and research experience focus on analyzing social and cultural aspects of natural resources and environmental systems. I was a postdoctoral research fellow supported by the NSF-funded Data Conservancy project at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). This project focused on data practices and curation across life, earth, and social sciences. While at NCAR, I also engaged in the Adaptation to the Health Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Extremes in Latin American Cities project, and led a meta-analysis of urban vulnerability to temperature-related hazards (i.e., temperature–mortality relationships). In my current research on applied social science methods and data, I have especially focused on systematic reviews and meta-analyses in environmental and natural resource social science. My previous involvement in the Data Conservancy project and the World Social Science Fellows Program has also helped me expand my interest in meta-analyses to include relevant data practice issues.