Farzaneh Esmaili

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Farzaneh is currently pursuing her PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Missouri, building on her previous master’s degree in Software and IT Engineering from Iran. Known for her vibrant energy and passion for coding, her famous phrase “I’m coding and doing awesome” encapsulates her lifelong dedication to technology and innovation. Beyond academia, she finds joy in outdoor activities and dance, embodying an active lifestyle. Her passion lies at the intersection of AI and its applications in bioinformatics. With a solid foundation in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision, she is driven by the conviction that AI can significantly enhance the landscape of bioinformatics. She envisions a future where AI technologies revolutionize how we understand and analyze biological data, unlocking new possibilities for advancements in medicine and beyond. In her role as Vice President of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO), Farzaneh is driven by a desire to foster a supportive community within the informatics field.