Edward Mirielli

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Concentration: BioHealth Analytics

Dr. Edward Mirielli joined our program as Associate Teaching Professor of Data Science and Analytics in June 2021 and brings years of industry and academic experience to the DSA Program.

Ed holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology with emphasis in epidemiology/demography and a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology emphasizing applied statistics and the application of computing to the research process; both degrees are from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

He has engaged in demography & epidemiology of “big-data” during times when the health of the nation was of significant concern – both now, and in the past studying geographic patterns of mortality.  During the 2020-2021 phase of the pandemic, he was cooperatively responsible for managing the throughput of the State of Missouri’s Bureau of Reportable Disease Informatics (BRDI) COVID-19 response for inbound HL7 ELR messages. He worked extensively with multi-million sized Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR), Syndromic Surveillance, and Immunization transaction record sets. He developed a system that translated detailed immunization data from a legacy data warehouse into HL7 messages for transfer between the legacy and a new State immunization records system for enhancing transfer performance.  He also developed an SQL application that ingested ELR HL7 messages into a database that stored and generated “smart lab slips” that used as a stopgap tool prior to implementation of a new comprehensive disease surveillance system.

Ed also has experience with AI, Machine Learning & Expert Systems focusing on comparison of various algorithms to recommend optimal solution to unstructured problems. One experience focused on the training physician “bed side manner” using natural language processing and others were recommender systems that assisted with selecting the best research approach for a specified research problem and audience.  He has conducted many analytic, consulting, and development projects including traditional statistical analyses, and developed data products for multi-national corporations, national professional organizations, and small businesses alike.

The 20-plus years of Ed’s academic experience at the post-secondary level provides an extensive background of teaching computer science, information technology and analytics. His background of teaching includes data modeling, management, and curation, C++, Python, R, SAS, SPSS and SQL, and supervision of hundreds of student projects.  Ed has (co)authored many scholarly publications and presentations spanning the disciplines of Sociology, Computer Science, IT, Business, Public Health, Engineering, Chemistry, and Teaching/Learning.  Combined with his education and practical experience this total background contributes a unique balance of theoretical and practical perspectives to the DSA program.

Ed states that he is not all work and no play though. For fun, Ed is occasionally found on the golf course, playing guitar, or just chill’in and grill’n (but not all at the same time). He is also an award winning pit-master and BBQ chef.