Derek Anderson

email Email | phone 573-884-6628

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Concentration: Geoinformatics

Dr. Anderson’s Mizzou INformation and Data FUsion Laboratory (MINDFUL), located in C1201 Lafferre Hall, was formed in January of 2018 and it will be up and running in summer of 2018. Previously, Anderson co-founded and co-directed the Sensor Analysis and Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) at Mississippi State University. SAIL is a multidisciplinary research lab with diverse applications ranging from smart vehicles (for tier one commercial partners), to security and defense (hand-held, ground vehicle, and aerial platforms), forensic anthropology (clandestine graves and human surface remains), and environment understanding (agriculture and land classification in support of autonomous ground vehicles and robotics). MINDFUL will take a similar multidisciplinary stance and focus on geospatial applications (emphasis on data/information fusion and machine learning). MINDFUL is currently in the process of purchasing a suite of sensors (single, multi and hyper spectral imaging in the visible, near infrared, long wave infrared and radar EM spectrum to start) and platforms (e.g., quad and octocopter unmanned aerial vehicles).