MUIDSI Online Data Science and Analytics Program Ranked #7 in Fortune Magazine

The MS Data Science and Analytics (DSA) Program of the MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics (MUIDSI) was  recently ranked the 7th best online master’s degree in Data Science Programs in 2022 by Fortune magazine.

The rankings were composed of a selectivity score and a demand score. The selectivity score made up 85% of the ranking which assessed undergraduate GPA of incoming students, the average years of work experience and the universities acceptance rate. 

The demand score consisted of total enrollment size of the programs and the number of applicants for the most current year. 

As data information continues to rapidly grow, the need for a data-based education and data scientists has increased around the globe. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that data related jobs will expand by 28% per year. However, not every student might have the opportunity or time to attend in-person classes for this rigorous degree. “Our DSA program provides a high-engagement learning model, a state-of-the-art learning infrastructure, and a strong industry advisory board for data science training” said Chi-Ren Shyu, Director of the MUIDSI. The program has outstanding core faculty from 22 departments to provide the depth and breadth to train next generation data scientists who require an online environment.

The online DSA program started in 2016 with 134 graduates since 2018. In addition, the DSA program has delivered more than 2600 student course completions for federal employees.