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TEACHING FACULTY POSITION OPEN – Join an award-winning, on-line, professional master’s program teaching Data Science and Analytics to working professionals from all around the US

The University of Missouri (MU) Informatics Institute is accepting applications for position of Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor of the Data Science and Analytics (DSA) program. We are looking for data scientists with rich industry experience to work in a vibrant environment to educate working professionals to enter the data science workforce. In today’s information-centric

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MUII Core Faculty Lead the Way in Comparative Oncology

Dr. Jeff Bryan, an MUII core faculty member from the College of Veterinary Science, presented preliminary research at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference in Louisville, KY on his recent research on a canine bone cancer vaccine that could have promising benefits for humans. Click on the link to learn more.

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Genetic targets for autism spectrum disorder identified by MU team

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Autism is a spectrum of closely related symptoms involving behavioral, social and cognitive deficits. Early detection of autism in children is key to producing the best outcomes; however, searching for the genetic causes of autism is complicated by various symptoms found within the spectrum. Now, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the

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An RNAmazing research breakthrough

Professor of Bioengineering and the Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center Li-Qun (Andrew) Gu and Shi-Jie Chen, joint Professor of Physics, Biochemistry and the MU Informatics Institute and their team recently published “Nanopore electric snapshots of an RNA tertiary folding pathway,” in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

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Dr. Gregory Alexander recently awarded AHRQ grant.

Dr. Gregory Alexander, from The Sinclair School of Nursing, was recently awarded a $1,995,522.00 AHRQ grant.  This grant will support an interdisciplinary research team who are already contributing to clinical research in long-term care settings. The PI is a doctorally-prepared RN and fellow in the American Academy of Nursing with over two decades of work

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